Learn how to use Google Plus effectively!

Learn how to use Google Plus for Business Success

Social Networking via Google Plus

Google+ is now the SECOND largest social networking site in the world, recently overtaking Twitter in the number of active users.

Google+ is integrated with Google Places (Google's Maps for Business) and allow visitors to view and rate businesses directly from within Google+. For local businesses, Google Plus is an essential tool for web marketing.

Using Google Plus for business enables your business to get maximum exposure across many Google products.


Why use Google Plus to support your business?

  • Google Plus integrates with other Google services such as Google Places, Analytics & Gmail
  • You can change your data settings and sharing settings easily
  • Google Plus supports your Google website ranking and visibility
  • Google Plus integrates with YouTube for easy sharing and cross-linking

About this training: Google Plus

Google Plus

This tutorial will help you setup your Google+ page for your business and give you a solid grounding in how to use Google+ to maximise your exposure. Includes Google+ banner setup.

1.5 hrs - $280


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